Friday, January 27, 2012

Getting Ready for Baby #2

Back in July I wrote a post about our journey to baby #2 and made a list of things I would like to have done or would like to do before she gets here. We weren't expecting to BE expecting as soon as we did so things have progressed quicker than I had planned and I wanted to give myself a reminder of things that are still lingering on that list.

1. Have our house finished - the trim is so close to being done that I can smell it (sawdust, stain and all!) However we still have the second bathroom, porch, and dining room to go.
2. Make a will - still procrastinating on this one as well
3. Continue to exercise and get to a more healthy weight - I do a lot of walking and some Wii fit and my weight has been making great progress in terms of keeping it under control during pregnancy. I'm afraid the loss will have to wait until after our little girl gets here, thank goodness she will also be a spring baby!
4. Transition Tray to his own bed Trayton has been sleeping through the night in his own bed for about 4 months!
5. Continue to educate myself about pregnancy, births, c-sections and postpartum options.
6. Discuss with Ryan and look in to hiring a postpartum doula Ryan is planning on taking time off with this baby, but should that change I have a few contacts saved.
7. Learn even more about and look for a specialist to have placenta encapsulated - I just need to contact and book her!
8. Have at least a two month grocery supply stocked up and meals frozen for two weeks after coming home
9. Learn more about cord blood banking - this has been eating at me because there are so many options out there and the more time I spend at the hospital for clinicals, the more I really want to do this and wish I had with Trayton.
10. Look for a birth education class that Trayton can attend - we found one for March!
11. Have all the necessary baby items stocked up - still working on my list for what I need
12. Take a babymoon before #2 arrives
13. Get more massages during pregnancy and a pedicure before my due date - I'm failing miserably in the massage department and have yet to get one, even though I have a gift card from my friend Gabbie to get one. Now the pedicure I got on the cruise, too bad it can't last until mid-May. I will find time to get to these! 
14. Update my birth plan.
15. Get a 3D ultrasound - it was amazing!
16. Get family maternity pictures and let Tray paint my belly - scheduled right after his second birthday in April!
17. Get a few more maternity clothes and nursing clothes - I'm good in the maternity department and now just need some nursing clothes.

To add to this list:
18. Have all baby clothes/linens washed a few weeks before the due date
19. Have all baby items/gear/necessities set up and ready to go before due date

Wishing you a pot o' gold, and all the joy your heart can hold. Thanks for reading!