Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pregnancy Week 31

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
My guys on St. Patrick's Day!

Saying Happy St. Patrick's Day to Great Grandpa Minnehan after mass.

Week 31 for Baby: Our little girl's length this week is  around 16in and she weighs about 3.3lbs. She ca turn her head from side to side and she continues to accumulate adipose tissue under her skin.

Week 31 for Mom
Braxton Hicks contractions continue and I've noticed they are more prevalent at night during evening clinicals at the hospital. The evenings have not been as intense as days and I am thankful for the rest periods. Now that it is spring break, I have come down with a cold, no doubt caught during the nursing home clinicals. As we get the vaccines for influenza sooner and sooner in the fall, our coverage does not last as long as the potential to catch virus in the spring. I did go to the doctor and found it was just a common cold and neither influenza A nor B (thank goodness!) We took Trayton to the "Our New Baby" class at the hospital on Thursday the 15th. I think he was more interested in the other kids that were there and the snacks but it was nice to see what the class was all about. There were two children younger than him (15-20 months) and several who were older (3-9). He got the chance to change a doll's diaper which he liked and then hold it, which was amusing as he looked at it in disgust after the instructor told him he would be holding a baby. He then looked at me and let it roll off of his lap onto the floor, picked it up and placed it upside down in the car seat before coming back to sit by Ryan and me. It was all I could do not to laugh because I could read on his face what he was thinking...this is not a real baby and I don't want it... Ryan's brother and wife just had a new baby about two weeks ago and Trayton loves holding, kissing and stroking his hair. This doll clearly was no substitute for a baby! He then watched a video about bringing the baby home and how to help mom and dad, then got to see a real baby from outside the nursery which he was much more excited about that the doll. The class was a good introduction for children to a new family member and the instructor was fun, however it was focused on an audience about 4+ years of age. Trayton understands there is a baby in mama's tummy and has been able to feel her kick to which he responds by looking at me with these wide eyes, pointing to my belly and exclaiming baby! Ryan and I plan to keep explaining to him what is going on and make sure he is included in everything he can be with her as mama's little helper and teacher. Sorry, o belly picture this week as I have been really sidetracked with getting trim up and the house deep cleaned before Trayton's 2nd Birthday party on the 31st!    

Wishing you a pot o' gold, and all the joy your heart can hold. Thanks for reading!