Friday, February 17, 2012

Pregnancy Week 26

I've let myself get a little behind again on the weekly updates; week 26 rolled around February 7th.
Baby Girl: she is measuring about 14 inches and weighing approximately a pound and two-thirds! The network of nerves in her ears are continuing to fine-tune and she may now be able to hear Ryan and Trayton's voice aside from mine! Trayton is starting to get the concept that something is in mommy's belly and he will talk to her when prompted! Our little girl is inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid, practicing for breathing in the outside world and she's continuing to plump up with adipose tissue.
Mom: welcome back pressure, thanks to my growing uterus which has been pressing on my sciatic nerve - ouch! Also, where did this pelvic floor pressure come from? I notice it is worse after I have been on my feet all day for clinical but it sometimes comes in the morning too when I first get up. It feels as if my uterus and little girl are pressing down or already engaged. My pelvic bones also feel loose, especially when I turn over in bed or have done a lot of walking. I know progesterone likes to loosen things up but I'm definitely going to ask my Dr. about it at my appointment next week. Hiccups are something I started feeling around this time with Trayton but not yet with our little girl. I remember being able to feel them on a schedule with him, usually after lunch and later around bedtime :) From here on out my uterus height will grow about 1/2 inch per week; I'm already starting to feel a little cramped on the inside!
Weight: 217 lbs (up 2 lbs since last week)
Feeling: sore, heartburn in the evenings around 8 PM every night, and my left glutes are feeling some sciatic pain now and then.

We finally managed to get the brackets and rods up in all three closets this past weekend, yay! We used conduit for the rods (I have 10+ foot closets and closet kits of this size are ridiculous and never come in the color I want) which I still need to paint but I'm finally able to hang coats and some of Trayton's clothes! I also convinced my mom and dad to help make a barrette/bow holder to match the nursery, and I got all the materials for $25!     
Wishing you a pot o' gold, and all the joy your heart can hold. Thanks for reading!