Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pregnancy Week 25

Baby Girl: Her total length is now about 13.5 inches and she weighs about 1.5 lbs. Her skin will begin filling out as she adds adipose (fat) tissue and her hair color/texture is now distinguishable - if she doesn't have curly hair like her dad and mom, I will be shocked, I have no idea how to style straight hair!
Mom: I've noticed my hair seems fuller now too and I'm not looking forward to losing it after she arrives. Braxton hicks contractions started around the 1st of February and come and go as they please; I'm hoping they help make as much progress as they did with Trayton. I was induced on my due date already being dilated 4cm and 90% effaced with a station of -1. My belly is definitely larger and my uterus is growing out of its soccer ball size, on most days it feels like a basketball and she is sitting right out in front. Baby Center asked if I had started thinking about names yet....well....I haven't actually. Ryan and I have had no time to just sit and peruse names and there is only one we kinda sorta like, so I need to get on this sometime soon! 
Week 25 Belly
Weight: 215lbs (up one from last week)
Looking forward to: our next appointment, making a barrette/bow holder and getting the closet fixtures up!

Wishing you a pot o' gold, and all the joy your heart can hold. Thanks for reading!