Friday, October 1, 2010

Farm Fresh Friday: Fresh Eggs

When it comes to breakfast or baking, nothing beats eggs fresh from the coop! Ryan and I have had our girls for nearly two years and they are still laying as strong as they day they started. We bought them to save money on buying eggs and they too have made a shift toward producing greener eggs!

My dad built this chicken coop for us as a fun project, using recycled lumber, steel and leftover shingles from around the farm. I'd say they have a nicer home than most outside dogs, and we are in the process of painting it to match the new siding on our house.

Their diet isn't completely organic and therefore the eggs are also not organic but I am trying to remedy this situation. They eat their fill of tomatoes and greens from the garden, which is all organic, but their corn is the one ingredient that is the problem. We lost the corn that was planted this year when one of the nasty storms came through and the horses got out. I currently get their formula from the local farm store and they seem happy enough. I can't complain at this point because their shell quality is great and by eyeing them in the cold pan, I'm happy with the height of the albumin. Just one small project I am still working on to help our family eat healthier!

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