Friday, October 29, 2010

Farm Fresh Friday: Cloth Wipes

About three and a half months ago we decided to use cloth diapers in an effort to live a little greener, cut down on the cost of diapers and reduce our little man's exposure to chemicals. While searching for diapers, I discovered the use of cloth wipes by many cloth diapering mamas and decided to purchase a stash of these too! Yesterday I finally ran out of my large hoard of disposable wipes and so today is my first official day trying out my cloth wipes.

I purchased the Prince Lionheart Warmies cloth wipes, made of  100% rayon derived from bamboo. I am very  impressed with these wipes! They are very absorbent, very soft and do an excellent job cleaning up even the messiest diaper. The fact that they are bamboo makes them antibacterial, strong, light and as previously stated, very absorbent.

I washed them when I brought them home on delicate (Dreft only, no softener) and then again today after two dirty diapers and I had enough for a load. They have held up well in the washer without any fraying so far and I simply fold them, then place them back in the warmer. I have yet to try any of the solution recipes that came with Warmies but look forward to doing so in the near future!

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