Friday, September 24, 2010

Farm Fresh Friday

Ryan and I have made the conscious effort to become more eco-friendly since Trayton was born and we have the space and capacity to do so on the farm. We should have started years ago, not truly realizing the benefits until we did more research! This year we planted a huge garden, 40' x 60', all organic and with the help of my parents, have been canning much of it for this winter. No artificial preservatives, additives etc.

I am about to try my hand at making baby food for Trayton, an adventure all in itself for me! I would like to start with a kit made by Fresh Baby, a company started by two sisters who believe in natural living and healthy eating. They created this starter kit to help parents easily make their own baby food. The So Easy Baby Food Kit contains a cookbook, two BPA-free freezer trays, an instructional dvd, and a card with nutritional tips! The great thing about this set is that it teaches parents how to prepare homemade baby food in only 30 minutes per week; a huge perk in today's busy world! You can purchase the kit online or until September 27th, 2010 enter Baby Dickey's Giveaways - Fresh Baby Starter Kit for a chance to win your own! Follow her giveaways for chances to score other awesome products through her Fall event!

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  1. ohhh how awesome!! Steve and I have been house hunting for awhile now and aren't in any rush--but one of our main priorities is having space for a garden! Yours looks great!


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