Friday, August 12, 2011

My Breastfeeding Essentials

Throughout my breastfeeding journey I have found that there are things that I couldn't have made it this far without. Some I started out with and others I acquired along the way. I wanted to share them here in hopes that you too may benefit!
  • A support network or person:  whether it be a spouse, partner, friend, family, local group at the hospital or online community, support is important. It provides you encouragement through the tough times, resources and reassurance.
  • Boppy pillow:  this provided the perfect height for me to comfortably feed my son no matter where I was sitting. When I had him Simplisse had not yet come out with their Gia Angled Pillow which I also hear very good things about and would like to try with the next child we have!
  • My double electric pump: when I left the hospital, my OB wrote me a prescription for my pump since I would be returning to work after 6 weeks. It is wonderful that insurance companies are now starting to cover such items! Our home health care/pharmacy only carries Medela, so I got the Pump in Style Advance Tote and it, the cooler and accessories have worked well for me. 
  • My hand pump: there were times where I was on the go but didn't quite need the electric pump, so I invested in a Simplisse Manual Breastfeeding Companion and its cup is amazingly comfortable and efficient.
  • Breastmilk storage bagsa must have if you ever have to be away from your little one. I really like the storage bags by Simplisse and NUK-Gerber because of their durability and double zip seals. They both hold a fair amount of milk, stand upright and work great in the freezer.
  • Breast pads: these are a must have if you want to leave the house and not have a small wet ring on your clothing 5 minutes after stepping out the door! My husband's cousin made me some great reusable ones made from super soft flannel and I wore these any time I was at home. When I went out, I wanted something a little more discrete yet something that would keep me dry. The Simplisse Disposable Breast Pads were my secret weapon! They are very soft, flexible, thin and very absorbent.
  • Simplisse HydroGel Soothing Pads and Lanolin-Free Nipple Cream: the soothing pads are wonderful for those times when the girls get sore and need a little tlc! The lanolin-free nipple cream is also wonderful. There is no sticky, goopy, greasy mess, just a silky-smooth  finish that helps heal nipples. It is hypoallergenic, paraben free and absolutely my favorite out of all of the nipple creams I have tried!
  • Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles: when I had to be away from my son for work or class and he stayed with my husband or at our friend's for daycare these bottles made switching back and forth between breast and a bottle of breastmilk incredibly simple. The nipples are very flexible and supple, much like a human breast and not your typical nipple. They are a little more expensive than some but worth every penny if you are going to breastfeed but may have times you need to be away from your little one.  
Wishing you a pot o' gold, and all the joy your heart can hold. Thanks for reading!