Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another one bites the dust...

A few days after I wrote my last post, my Dell decided to keel over and die. It started with my power adapter shorting out toward the end that connects into my computer and then the power button itself decided to retreat inside the screen slot, like a scared turtle. So I packed it up and visited my nearest Geek Squad location (which is approximately 55 miles away) thinking I would just buy a new power adapter and have the computer sent in to get the button fixed. Hahaha, right. My Geek Squad guy, who was very helpful, informed me that it would be nearly as much as I paid for the computer to fix the button and buy a new cord. Seriously? I can't believe it is that labor intensive to replace the button! I realize there is rewiring to do once you get the computer apart but is it really that difficult? Apparently. I am thankful my squad member was able to work his magic and retrieve things I needed off of the computer because it wouldn't even turn on (I wonder what really goes on behind those black curtains at Best Buy?) I had a TON of edited pictures saved from Photoshop but they were only able to recover the original pictures before being edited...sigh. Next time I will remember to change the format so they can be rescued should anything happen! 

Long story short, I ended up having to purchase a new computer and picked out a Toshiba! I'm really excited to get things loaded onto it and start working with it; school has kept me busy with a presentation and the holiday weekend was spent with family, good food and of course fireworks! This has not been as productive of a summer as I would have hoped, but I'm crossing my fingers that this changes in a couple weeks! Hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th! 

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