Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Discovery Toys Review

A few months after Trayton was born my parents bought him two unique items from Discovery Toys. "Teach. Play. Inspire.", is the mission of Discovery Toys, founded in 1978 by an early childhood educator and their products are designed to engage multiple learning pathways. The products are also categorized by age-appropriateness. A handy chart on their website allows consumers to explore the products in relation to the different learning pathways and age groups for which they are created. For more information on Discovery Toys and their products, visit their About DT page.

The first product we received was the TRY-ANGLE, a multi-sided, foldable toy with bright colors and different hands-on activities. There are two things I love about this toy, the first is that it easily folds up and is portable (great for moving from room to room, and using during multiple stages of physical development including tummy time through sitting.) I also love all of the different activities it has rolled into one toy. One portion has rings and tabs of different shapes and colors, another portion has movable gears and a squeaky button on one side with a mirror on the opposite side and the third portion has a crank wheel with stars and a turning wheel with little bees. The TRY-ANGLE promotes exploratory, thinking and motor skills and is appropriate for children ages 6 months to toddler. This is a very hardy toy which cleans up well and is worth the $30 (Trayton has dropped and flung it from his high chair a couple of times and it still looks like new!) Here is Trayton at 9 months playing with the TRY-ANGLE; we started using it just before 5 months because of the mirror and he still loves it.

The second product we received was the RAINFALL RATTLE, an eight inch long cylinder filled with multi-colored tiers and beads that actually reminds me of the falling rain. When tipped from end to end, this rattle not only produces a soothing sound, it engages exploratory, cognitive and motor skills. Children 9 months to preschool fall into the appropriate age category for this toy, but if you're like me, you'll enjoy it as an adult too! The RAINFALL RATTLE is another hardy product that withstands being dropped, tossed and cleans easily. It's a bit larger than most rattles I've seen but we've had no problems putting it in the diaper bag and taking it with us. Trayton really started paying attention to this around 7 months but depending on your child's size and interest, they could easily pick it up and explore it earlier.

I did not receive any type of compensation from Discovery Toys for this post; just wanted to pass along the opportunity for others to obtain some great learning and developmental toys.

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  1. The tryangle is one of his favorite toys; I never cycle it out because he constantly uses it!


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