Friday, November 5, 2010

Laugh & Learn Learning Farm

Living on the farm, Ryan and I received a lot of cute themed clothes, books and toys for Trayton at our showers. The most adorable AND educational of these items in my opinion is the Laugh & Learn Learning Farm from Ryan's aunt and uncle! I got it out of our closet last week and assembled it in less than thirty minutes; very clear instructions, very easy assembly, very happy mama! Trayton will sit and play with it for nearly an hour and it is the first thing he wants to play with in the mornings.

What makes this toy so special? It has many things to keep him entertained including: a crawl through doorway with a gate to open, a counting chicken with eggs to drop, a radio with an adjustable knob and over thirty songs and tunes, a pig with a spinning belly to help learn opposites, a cow to feed which teaches manners, a day and night slide window and much more! This educational toy helps him learn the ABC's (I'm sure he is relieved to hear someone else sing it besides me), numbers, colors, shapes, animals and their sounds, opposites (like dirty/clean, lights off/on and day/night), greetings and songs. I am in no way receiving compensation from Fisher-Price to write about this toy, but I definitely recommend it to anyone with a little one of age 6-36 months! Ryan and I both love to play with it with Trayton; it's not one of those toys any of us tire of quickly and is made for the wear and tear!

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